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FIX REO understands how important it is to get a property into sellable condition, and keeping it in sellable condition. That is why the longer a property remains on the market, REO property maintenance becomes more important.  FIX REO works with our clients to provide the necessary REO property preservation and inspection services to help alleviate the danger of holding properties and help reduce holding timelines.

FIX REO assists their partner realtors and agents in the preservation and maintenance of REO properties (real estate owned). We quickly determine damages or issues at a given property, and complete the approved work to protect the asset. The property can also be properly maintained by us as long as needed.

The maintenance we provide includes grass cuts and lawn maintenance every two weeks during warmer months, we will winterize the plumbing systems during colder months, and offer housekeeping or janitorial services on a monthly basis. If the services you require aren’t listed below, please contact us. FIX REO will gladly customize a solution just for you.


REO Secure Service

Your asset will be secured, including changing the lock(s), installing padlocks, lockboxes, sliding locks, and window locks as needed, and boarding or repairing any damaged opening allowing unauthorized entry, as required by local regulations, and Investor/Insurer guidelines.


Debris Removal

Any interior debris will be removed in accordance with Investor/Insurer guidelines. The exception is personal property, which will remain in the interior of the property until the eviction process or we are otherwise instructed by the asset manager. We will remove and discard all exterior debris including vehicles.


Repairs and Rehabilitations / Estimates

Our staff will prepare a full list of repairs needed to ready the asset for marketable condition to our clients. The damages and items left on the property will be documented by photos, and an estimate will be provided for completion of all repairs. FIX REO offers a complete repair and rehabilitation for all REO properties. It is our goal to ensure that market-competitive materials and improvements are reflected in all aspects of the work our staff performs. FIX REO always provides a cost-effective scope that enhances the marketability of each property in all price range.


Eviction Management

FIX REO provides property preservation support of the eviction and lock out process as required by each client.  We work with the local authorities on the removal of all debris and personal property, and follow the specific instructions provided with each lockout request based on state, county and city jurisdictions as well as client requirements.


Emergency Maintenance

FIX REO works to mitigate emergency conditions as quickly as possible, especially if there is a clear threat to the property or the health, safety or general welfare of persons on or near the property. These are some of the factors that might constitute emergency conditions, the presence of toxic or noxious materials, potential vandalism, water penetration, mechanical plumbing, pools or electrical hazards and other related conditions.


Property Preservation




Hazard & Repairs