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About FIX REO Property Preservation Company

FIX REO offers property preservation services for pre-foreclosure, REO and vacant properties. We pride ourselves on honesty, reliability and experience. Our goal is to offer our clients, servicers, and asset managers the best service available. Our team’s success is based on years of experience in the property preservation business, and we always strive to meet the demand and requirements our client’s expect. FIX REO hires only the best contractors available who undergo criminal background checks, and in depth training on current standards long before they are ever sent out to a property. We work to finish all our jobs on time, and within the allotted budget. Our staff is encouraged to be leaders, and to always be resourceful and conscientious when out in the field.

FIX REO offers a full list of services from initial secures, trash-outs, lawn maintenance/landscaping, and sales cleans. We are prepared to take on any area the client needs on short notice, because we understand that your time is valuable. FIX REO hopes to be the best property preservation company of choice for years to come, because we can guarantee a complete, cost effective solution for all your asset needs.

FIX REO understands how important it is to hear from our clients. We always welcome comments and feedback on how we can grow and improve to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today and let us become your go to company for property preservation service.


Importance of REO Property Preservation & Mortage Field Services

These terms refer to several services which are performed on-site at REO properties. Usually, these services are performed in conjunction with preparing property for sale. They are provided by Nationwide PP/FS companies, Asset Management companies and Local Real Estate Agents/Brokers who’ve experience in managing REO properties.


When Is Property Preservation Necessary?

Property preservation is the ultimate solution if you’ve been involved in sale of properties which have undergone foreclosure, defaults, bank-owned status or unfortunate situations like financial hardships. Unhappy homeowners tend to leave their properties in very poor and unmarketable conditions. This is where a professional REO property preservation company comes into the realm. An REO property preservation firm works to secure, protect and prepare vacant or abandoned homes.

In most cases, property preservation services are availed for all forms of abandoned and vacant properties, which are mainly commercial and post-foreclosure residential properties. What’s the purpose of leveraging these kinds of services? Your property preservation service provider will take care of all preservation, maintenance and any necessary adjustments to make the property sale-able.


 Why Should You Leverage REO Property Preservation Services?

  1. All issues related to the property’s security will get fixed, right from the knobs, locks and/or deadbolts of doors, to even hasps, slide bolts and lock boxes with assigned codes. Board-ups will be fitted to secure the windows. Basically, your provider installs everything, making the property suitably secure for future use.
  2. Personal items like computers, televisions, etc. are all kept in specific storage in accordance to the lender preferences. Besides that, any other unclaimed personal items get dispensed.
  3. Debris removal is a priceless benefit you’ll enjoy from hiring a property preservation partner. The service provider will remove everything as per the lender/client/insurer’s instructions.
  4. Winterization is usually done to prepare properties for upcoming winter seasons. This process entails draining and sealing the pipes to ensure that the water doesn’t freeze inside. All plumbing and heating systems are properly drained. Often, your provider will make use of various air pressure techniques to clear the water system.
  5. Another advantage that comes along with property preservation is lawn maintenance. Generally, lawn services include proper cleaning of the yard, fences and the retaining walls. Other add-on benefits include pressure wash, moss removal, weeding, stump grinding, tree trimming/pruning, hedge trimming and debris removal/hauling.
  6. Any hazard material(s) is dumped according to the city/county codes.

It’d be best to hire a firm like FIX REO that agrees to cover all property damage and ensure full-property maintenance. Things like security, eviction lockouts, electrical repairs, roof repairs, flooring installation, pool maintenance, management of utilities, correction processing and first-time vacancy review are covered under REO preservations services.