REO Management

FIX REO understands how important it is to get a property into sell-able condition, and keeping it in sell-able condition. FIX REO works with our clients to provide the necessary REO property preservation services and inspection services to help residential alleviate the danger of holding properties and help reduce holding timelines.


FIX REO works with qualified vendors to ensure that the properties they are responsible for are preserved and maintained in a way that complies with the regulatory guidelines required by the specific loan, as well as any code compliance legislation for the area.


FIX REO understand the importance of monitoring the condition of delinquent properties.  Among the services we provide to our clients are vacant walk thru inspections, quality control inspections, REO inspections, commercial inspections, as well as insurance loss inspections.


FIX REO hires experienced vendors with the capabilities and competencies to complete any type of property preservation repair services required to restore a neglected property back to its original state. We believe communication is of the utmost importance in a hazard claim work order, and it is necessary for vendors to relay any unforeseen circumstances.

FIX REO More Than Just Property Preservation

We are a property preservation firm that prides itself in accurate completions, fast turn-around time and all-time availability to clients. We’ve been in this business for a considerable number of years. FIX REO provides a full service covering all aspects of REO & preservation with other areas of expertise such as REO Inspections and repairs. Loan servicers are required to keep their vacant properties safe, secure and well maintained. The maintenance tasks should follow the guidelines that have been set by insurers and investors. This is why it is important to enlist the services of a property preservation company who will evaluate the vacant property and report a potential issue that needs to be addressed quickly. FIX REO is that company with the go to solutions and unparalleled service. This safeguard helps to save clients of such things as default through conveyance and foreclosure.

 Should You Choose Us?

We never claim that we can perform anything that we know we can’t deliver. We provide our services and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer top-of-the-line field mortgage services, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with what you get. We’ve skilled staff and advanced information technology utilities to organize and provide property preservation services with the highest quality. We offer property preservation, foreclosure maintenance, property maintenance, REO rehab services, REO asset management, real estate servicing, field preservation and maintenance.

We Maximize Property Value

We help you maximize the value that you get from your REO properties through our diverse property preservation services. Each of our services has been designed with the needs of the investors in mind. Our dedicated and experienced team of property maintenance experts provides diverse options that can help get your REO property to the market pretty quickly. The property preservation tasks that we offer include maintenance, cleaning, system checks, renovation and repairs among others.

We Guarantee Market Readiness

We prepare REO properties before sale to get top value. We skillfully offer services that maintain the integrity and overall attractiveness of the property. With highly detailed and rigorous system checks, the people who want to buy those properties can have more confidence since they understand what they are buying. In the end, we are able to help our clients get the best returns. The quality of life for the residents and property values increases immensely.


Our conveyance services ensure that your REO properties are brought to a foreclosure sale efficiently and quickly. We take keen interest in crafting our services, with the ultimate goal of ensuring successful disposition. When you engage us, you can rest assured that you will enjoy many options at your disposal. From habitability checks, routine inspections, quality control, repairs and systems checks, we can take care of your property well.

We Protect and Preserve Your Property

Clients would want to get the assurance that their REO property is in the same condition just as it was during the last inspection. Our professional inspectors are exceptionally skilled and well trained, so they can provide services that are way beyond what ordinary inspection companies do. We understand the importance of thoroughness and keenness to detail in preserving property values. We provide specialized expertise in screening, lock changes, boarding and securing of our client’s business.

We Help In Maintaining Property Value And Stability

We know that vacant homes are very vulnerable once it is advisable to ensure that they are protected from potential threats. This ensures that the value of the asset is stabilized. To date, we have helped stabilize our client’s property through adopting various strategies.

Demolitions and Evictions

There are instances when our clients have no choice but to demolish the property or ask the occupants to vacate. We can demolish your property in an efficient and cost effective manner. If we have to evict tenants, we will ensure that the level of distress that tenants experience is kept minimal.

We Are the Industry’s Best

Our top-notch line mortgage field services are the best in the industry. No matter your needs, you can trust us to provide you with a personalized service.