Hazard And Repair for REO Properties


FIX REO hires experienced vendors with the capabilities and competencies to complete any type of REO property repair service required to restore a neglected property back to its original state. Our qualified vendors are required to provide proof of their General Contracting License, and provide us with any additional licensure to verify their qualifications. The high standards we set for our vendors assure us that all the work will be completed on time, correctly, and conducted in a professional manner. All vendors must stay current on state standards for permitting requirements.

Premier REO Repair Services for Residential & Commercial


Here are the services offered, electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, carpentry, appliance replacement, flooring, structural, and HVAC. FIX REO also includes a thorough inspection before and after completion of the project. FIX REO believes communication is of the utmost importance in a hazard claim and property repair work order, and it is necessary for vendors to relay any unforeseen circumstances, and to convey any changes necessary to complete the project. After a strict budget is established, we confirm that all interested parties maintain the proper margins and time frames. As the project draws to a close, FIX REO can offer the services of an in house Real Estate Agent who is can assist with the management, marketing, and sale of the property if the service is needed by the client.

REO Manangement


Property Preservation